APP-ly yourself -
with mobile application development solutions by Webtex Limited.

Your business deserves the best in 2021, but trading without an app can leave you vulnerable to competitors who have already seized this market. Webtex Limited is here to change that.


What are the benefits of having a mobile app for your specific business?

App displayed on phone

Social Integration

If you’re a restaurant/bar owner, fetch and display content from your social media profiles such as menus, reviews and GPS-enabled directions directly to the app.


Multi-Login System

If you run a B&B, your guests may login from the app via a multitude of platforms such as Facebook, Apple, Google and more.


Rating system

If you’re a nail salon owner, enable your customers to display star rating in-app of their favourite styles.


Keep track of revenue

Print out invoices and view revenue on a daily, weekly or monthly basis using our CMS software.


Order to table

Another plus for restaurant owners. Streamline your customer journey by allowing table service ordering.

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